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So you took the ACT! Now what?

Early applicants to colleges and universities can receive one of three different decisions: accepted, denied, or deferred to the regular pool. Everyone knows it's good to be accepted and disappointing to be denied. But what does a deferral mean? And how should you handle it?
How to make sense of Early Admissions and Early Decisions?

Top College Rankings

top college rankings

Attend the school that is the best fit for you and not the one that won the “top college rankings trophy” that particular year.

Most admissions officers view college rankings as a double-edged sword. While they are fully aware that these rankings are inherently problematic and serve as publicity and sales revenue for their publishers, they also know that if their school improves its ranking, it will almost certainly translate into increased applications.

For the record, does not believe in the current system of top college rankings.

Our purpose is not to publish an entire dissertation on the college rankings process on our website. However, we are asked many questions about college rankings each year and we would like to make the following two points:

1. There are no completely objective college ranking systems. All of the rankings are much better at generating publicity and revenue for their publishers than they are at ranking the colleges and universities. Click here to read a letter from the President of Stanford University to the editor of US News and World Report. Mr. Gerhard Casper provides a very eloquent analysis on the college rankings process and that letter from 1996 still rings as true today as it did 22 years ago!

2. College applicants, and future college applicants, should be seeking their best fit schools. The top college rankings often imply that these are the same as the best schools. This is just simply not so. It is absolutely silly to let the rankings determine which admission offer you choose to select, particularly since the schools flip flop in the college rankings each year anyway! Click here to read our thoughts about the college selection process.