Wesleyan College is a small liberal arts school located in Macon, Georgia. The suburban campus on about 200 acres of land was established in 1836. The women-only school is extremely small with only about 648 students. Wesleyan has based its programs on four key concepts: Academics, Women, Faith, and Community. The school encourages their students to see their education as the basis for lifelong learning. All first years are assigned a class name by the outgoing seniors of the last school year. The classes are the Green Knights, the Red Pirates, the Purple Knights, and the Golden Hearts. The classes are then paired with each other (the Knights go together, and the Hearts and Pirates are one group.) These groups give the women even more opportunity to bond with their classmates.

Wesleyan College offers 31 majors and minors and several pre-professional programs for their students. The most popular majors include: business administration, management and operations; psychology; social sciences; visual and performing arts; and biology/biological sciences. Class sizes are extremely small; more than 87% of courses have less than 20 students in them. Also, the student to faculty ratio is 7 to 1.

wesleyan collegeAlthough Wesleyan College was the birthplace of the first sororities in 1851, the school did away with Greek life back in 1914. However, there are many other opportunities for social activities on campus. There are four student boards that help organize events: CRU (Council on Religious Unity), CJA (Council on Judicial Affairs), CAB (Campus Activities Board), and SRC (Student Recreation Council.) These are all represented under the SGA (Student Government Association.) There are also more than 25 special interest groups, musical groups, art clubs, and leadership organizations. Students can write for “The Veterropt” yearbook, “The Wesleyan Word” newspaper, or the “Visionary” creative arts magazine. There are many annual events in Macon that Wesleyan students can attend. The Midsummer Macon is a music and arts program in the summer, and the International Cherry Blossom Festival occurs every spring. Students can also participate in the NCAA Division III or Great South Athletic Conference competitions. There are six varsity sports teams: basketball, cross-country, soccer, softball, tennis and volleyball.

Wesleyan College students love the campus with five academic buildings, a science center, a fine arts building, and five dormitories. The Banks Hall and Wortham Hall are for freshman and Persons Hall, Jones Hall, and Hightower Hall are for upperclassmen. They also have Corn North and South Apartments for junior and senior students. There are not many women’s colleges left in the US, so women interested in attending an all female school should look into Wesleyan College for its academic programs and strong community bonds.

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